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Podcasts you should check out

Each Tuesday I’ll be highlighting the podcasts you need to take a look at.Below is my weekly summary.

Black Girl Songbook, hosted by the critically acclaimed author Danyel Smith, is a happy celebration of “the history of women’s voices from the music industry” as Smith says. The show is the continuation of his book, which will be published in February 2022 and will be titled “Shine Shine Bright”. Season 1 featured Smith speaking with other artists such as HER, Estelle, Angela Bofill, Karyn White, and numerous others. The show focuses on the contributions of black women in music that is not often appreciated. “Black Girl Songbook” is available through Spotify.

Caf River Table 4- “River Cafe Table 4” is a brand-new iHeartRadio show that is hosted by famous chef and owner of a famous restaurant Ruth Rogers who is joined by some of her most famous guests at the well-known River Cafe in London. Each episode, they get together to chat privately around Table 4 which is the restaurant’s most well-known table. Rogers makes sure that conversations are about food and also tells incredible stories about the lives of her guests. The regular River Cafe diners and guests on the podcast include Paul McCartney, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, JJ Abrams, Emily Blunt, Steve McQueen, Al Gore, Jake Gyllenhal and many more. The premiere episode will air on September 21st and you can stream the trailer now on iHeartRadio.

SOS Cuba SOS Cuba “SOS Cuba” The brand-new series is a six-episode program produced by the well-loved interview-style program” Hola, My Name is “and IHeartMedia’s My CulturalPodcast network. The show begins the show with hosts Enrique Santos (President and Creative Director of iHeartLatino) and Jose Diaz-Balart (NBC News anchor) as they speak to journalists, influencers, and artists from Cuba.Cuba and all over the world community of people living out of the country. Each episode delves into the background of the people who founded Cuba and focuses upon the major events which occurred on the 11th day of July 2021 and 2021 aswell in the fervent call for freedom that is heard throughout Cuba’s streets. nation that was run by Communists. Check out both of the first two seasons of “SOS Cuba” which is currently on air on iHeartRadio.

A few of my most trusted friends host this podcast.It will be hosted by Khalil Gibran Muhammad, as along with Ben Austen, a black man and a white man who were the best of friends in the south of Chicago in the 1980s. In the present, Harvard professor and award-winning journalist Khalil along with Ben return to the show uncover the bizarre and complex issues of racism in America. Listen to their conversation that is not filtered by their experiences of growing up in a society which is deeply divided, and how they confront this divide in the present. In the first segment, they discuss is focused on the interracial relationships which are depicted in films such as the 48-hour film and Deadly Weapon and is currently available on iHeartRadio!

St. Jude Life MissionSt. Jude Life Mission St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the first hospital to begin a podcast series consisting of four segments titled Mission of a Lifetime Before Mission Inspiration4 on September 15th. The episodes will introduce an individual from the team to the world via an in-depth discussion prior to their first experience in space, a completely civilian orbiting mission over three consecutive days. The premiere episode has been broadcast and will feature The doctor. Sian Proctor discussing how”inspiration4″ came about and how the “Inspiration4 mission was developed and introducing the three crew members three crew members: three members: Dr. Sian Proctor Chris Sembroski, and Jared Isaacman”. Proctor is a geoscientist and explorer who has worked on research projects that replicate the environments that other worlds have. Proctor has committed $100 million in order to provide the daily broadcast of St. Jude’s Children Research Episodes on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Batman The Audio Adventures Batman The Audio Adventures featuring Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as Riddler and numerous other amazing “Saturday Night Live” cast members. The show is influenced by the vintage dark atmosphere that characterized “Batman The animated series” The lively, energetic entertaining entertainment of the legendary “Batman” series on TV in the 1960s as in every episode in the more than a decade-long tales that comprise the BATMAN franchise. The thrilling tale set in the Batman universe Batman was written and directed by Emmy(r) award-winning Dennis McNicholas, features a stellar cast and amazingly original music composed by Doug Bossi.The show is only and is broadcast through HBO MAX.

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